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Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis Kairys was born in Krasnojarsk, Siberia, on May 6, 1952, where his parents were stationed however the family were able to return to their home country of Lithuania when Jurgis was still a small boy. His interest in flying started at an early age when watching planes landing and taking off at an airstrip near his home in Lithuania. He became an airframe engineer and was able to start flying aerobatics at the Kaunas Flying Club in Lithuania. His talents and determination were obvious and he soon became a member of the elite National team.

The style of acrobatics we see today was developed over twenty years ago by Lithuanians Stepas Artiskevicius and Jurgis Kairys competing with each other while on the Soviet team, and coaching each other.  Today every unlimited pilot flies in the style promoted by the Lithuanians in the seventies.

His engineering and piloting skills were recognized when he was asked to work with the Sukhoi Design Bureau  to develop the Sukhoi 26, 29 and 31 series of completely new aerobatics aircraft using new ideas future to dominate the Unlimited World Aerobatics Championships. This was achieved with the aircraft winning many championships from the European Championships to the World Grand Prix of Aerobatics piloted by Jurgis and the Russian team members. This legacy continues to this date with the Su31 winning again in the 2003 WAC in Lakeland, Florida.
Jurgis' forte has always been Unlimited Freestyle aerobatics which has allowed him to develop his quest for new flight possibilities from himself and his aircraft. He recently flew his own creation in the form of the "JUKA" aircraft and has since been fine-tuning this aircraft for future displays and competitions.

He has invented several aerobatic maneuvers including the "Kairys Wheel", "Small Loop” and was the first to successfully perform the “Cobra” maneuver in a propeller driven aircraft, and has the talent to hover his aircraft like a helicopter.

Major achievements:

1974        Started flying aerobatics, Aircraft Zlin 326A

1976        Member of Lithuanian Aerobatic Team

1977        Member of Soviet Aerobatic Team, until Lithunian Independence in 1990

1979        First Gold medal in International Competition in Hungary

1981        First Gold medal in European Championship in Austria

1982        First Gold medal in World Championship in Austria
               Started the development of Aerobatic Aircraft SU-26 at Sukhoi Design Bureau

1984        For the first time competed in World Championship with an aircraft  SU-26

1988        Silver medal in WAC 4 min. Freestyle flying Su26, Bronze medal Overall

1990        Gold medal in WAC 4 min. Freestyle flying Su26

1992        Third overall in World Championship in France
               First test flight of SU-31,
               Breitling Masters, 1 Silver medal
               Demonstrated Jurgis originated worlds first Slip Hover pass, Cobra and
               Small Loops at Farnborough

1993        Breitling Masters, 2 Gold, 1 Bronze medals, Su31

1994        Gold medal in WAC 4 min. Freestyle in Su26
               Breitling Masters, 2 Gold, 2 Silver medals, Su31

1995        Breitling Masters, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze medals, Su31

1996        Silver medal in WAC 4 min. Freestyle, Su26
               FAIWGPA 1 Gold medal, Su31,
               First in the World official permitted Under bridge flight in Kaunas, Lithuania,
               Yak 50

1998        FAIWGPA 1 Gold, 1 Bronze medals, Su31

1999        FAIWGPA 2 Gold medals, Su31.
               Special Millennium flight under all 10 Bridges in the City of Vilnius, Lithuania

2000        FAIWGPA 1 Gold, 1 Silver medals, Overall series winner, Su31
               Worlds first ever officially permitted inverted under bridge flight in Kaunas,
               Lithuania, Su26

2001        FAIWGPA Unable to compete due to damaged aircraft,

2002        FAIWGPA Motegi, Japan, Winner , Su31

2003        Winner, first Red Bull Air Races, Zeltweg, Austria, Su26
               General modifications were made to "Juka"

2004        FAIWGPA Al Ain, Emirates, Winner, flying"Juka"
               First demonstration Flights in the Southern Hemisphere At Warbirds
               Over Wanaka

               2004 - 2005 at the 2005 FAI CENTENARY AIR SHOW, Lausanne, Switzerland .
               Jurgis Kairys becomes overall top placed pilot over 10 years of FAI World
               Grand Prix Competitions!
               Jurgis Kairys wins the prestigious 2005 Trofeo REGGIANI competition at
               the Aero Club of Milano in Italy

2006        January. Jurgis wins the Al Ain Cup in solo aerobatics freestyle competition.

2008        For the first time the competition is organised under the rules of JK Formula
               invented by Jurgis Kairys.

2009        Silver medal in FAI World Aerobatic Freestyle Championship.
               FAI WORLD ELITE AEROBATIC FORMULA event is organized in MAMAIA,

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